Avoiding Major Health Problems

STDs are very common and are serious health problems. The highest rates of infection are found among women aged between 15 and 19 and men aged between 20 and 24. Their many STDs people aren’t aware of, hence the need to always practice safe sex or abstinence (if you are still young and at school). Regular tests are necessary for anyone who is sexually active. Also, use best at home drug test kits for 2018.

These diseases are transmitted from one person to another during intimate physical contact, typically sexual intercourse. You must always remember that some diseases like AIDS threatens your life, but do not forget the dangers of other STDs. Some, like hepatitis B, can cause chronic illness and even death. Others can cause infertility or genital or anal cancer.

Women are particularly vulnerable to sexually transmitted infection (STI) and related complications. The repercussions are unfortunately much heavier. Many infections are transmitted more easily from man to woman than vice versa, including HIV/AIDS. Some viruses cause fallopian tube obstructions that are the source of pelvic pain for many years and risk of ectopic pregnancy (out of the womb) or even infertility.

It is common for women to develop cervical cancer as a result of contracting an STI. Infections can also be transmitted to children during pregnancy or at birth, resulting in malformations or death.


Symptoms usually appear two to six months after infection. They include lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting, pale stools, headaches, a general feeling of unease, jaundice (yellowing of the eyes and skin) and dark urine.

Some people carry the virus in the absence of symptoms and can transmit it to their sexual partners without suspecting it. Most people recover, but there may be long-term consequences, such as chronic liver disease. The hepatitis B virus spreads through saliva or contaminated blood. An infected mother can infect her child at birth.

Avoid sharing needles and hypodermic syringes, instruments used to pierce, toothbrushes and razors. If you contract the disease, avoid sex until your doctor confirms that there are no more risks. If your usual partner has had hepatitis B, ask your doctor if you should be vaccinated.

Condyloma (genital warts)

Condylomas are warts that grow on and around the genitals. They look like ordinary warts since they are caused by similar viruses. Genital warts typically appear from two weeks to eight months after sexual contact with an infected person. They are fleshy and look like a cauliflower. They occur in moist areas such as the penis, vagina or anus, and are not painful.

Warts can also attach to and around the mouth as a result of oral sex. Some infected people have no outward signs and can spread the virus without suspecting it. Treatments include the application of a drug on the affected external areas and surgery to remove warts present inside the body.

Untreated, genital warts can be very dangerous, especially for women. There is a known link between the presence of genital warts inside the vagina and cervical cancer. People who have warts in the anus are at greater risk of developing rectal cancer. Babies born to mothers with condylomas may have warts in their throats.

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)

AIDS is caused by HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), which weakens the functions of fighting infection. because of the failure of their immune system, sufferers succumb to infections and cancers. HIV spreads in the exchange of infected blood, vaginal secretions or semen. This can occur during sexual activities, by sharing needles or during childbirth.

HIV is NOT transmitted through simple daily social contacts. A handshake, a hug, sharing food does not give AIDS. Domestic animals and mosquitoes do not transmit it either. Giving blood does not expose you to the virus since a new needle is used for each donor. So there is no contact with someone else’s blood.

The risk of acquiring HIV through blood transfusions is very low, as tests for the virus are still being done. HIV infection can be detected with a simple blood test for the HIV antibody. It may take more than 12 weeks before HIV antibodies are sufficient to be detectable. So, we can have a negative test and still be a carrier of the virus.

AIDS is the last stage of HIV infection. Many years can pass before an HIV-positive person (HIV carrier) really develops AIDS. To protect yourself from HIV, you need to practice safer sex. Kissing an HIV-positive person on the cheek or dry lips is safe. There are no reports of AIDS or HIV infection caused by deep kissing. This practice involves essentially few risks.

The Importance Of Using Test Kits

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), also called Venereal Diseases (VD) or Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are illnesses that are mostly contracted through sexual activity. STDs affect more people that are willing to reveal it, and unfortunately, most of these people fail to get the necessary tests or even get proper medication. Untreated STDs can wreak havoc on not only a person’s sexual health but the entire physiological and mental health. Kindly note that not all STDs are necessarily transmitted through sexual engagement; others are transmitted through contact with an STI-infected blood, fluids, or wounds.

Best STD Test Kits 2018

The best way to guard against the deadly symptoms of STDs, apart from preventing the infection, is to get the best possible test kits to diagnose the STD. Some STDs do not exhibit symptoms whereas others exhibit minor symptoms that may not seem as deadly as they are if left untreated. Thankfully, there are numerous health centers and laboratories that offer STD testing services with a high accuracy and absolute privacy. People should get tested as soon as possible if they suspect an infection. Positive STD test results may not be the worst news ever since most STDs, except for the virus-caused ones, are treatable.

Choosing The Best STD Test Kits 2018

The choice of an STD kit should be based on the STD symptoms experienced, if any, or the amount of information that a person has regarding STDs. Some health centers and health service providers avail the best STD Test Kits that can be used to diagnose a range of STIs. Depending on each person’s situation, he/ she can visit a health center or laboratory, consult a health provider, get tested, and get treated if the results turn out positive. In other situations, a person can access any of the home test kits that are availed by some health providers. With the home test kits, the provider will usually indicate how to use the kit, the STDs that the kit can diagnose, and how to make the readings. In other instances, a person is required to use the STD home test kits to collect samples (blood, wound cells, wound fluid, etc.), and send the same to a specified laboratory; results can be accessed through an encrypted online platform.

Why Should You Test and Get Treatment/ Management For STDs?

STD testing is as important as the treatment or care that is observed after the testing. STDs, regardless of the mode of transmission, can do extensive damage to the multiple parts of the body and the brain. The most feared damage done by STIs is infertility. Infections can spread from the genitals or other body parts to the entire reproductive system, in effect, damaging or blocking the reproductive organs.

Other adverse damages that can result from STDs include brain damage, stroke, mental illness, liver damage, heart problems, blindness, deafness, premature births, and death. In most instances, these severe damages can be prevented if diagnosis, hence treatment for the particular STD, is done before the infection spreads.

Less severe symptoms that can be debilitating in some instances include joint pains, fever, headache, pelvic cramping, stomach pain, painful intercourse, and painful rashes/ lesions. The observation of these symptoms, or anything out of the ordinary in bodily hue, structure, temperature, fluid discharge, and mobility, should be taken with the seriousness it deserves, and a health practitioner consulted.

STD Testing

STD testing, whether done at home, health center or laboratories takes more or less the following form. Samples are collected from bodily fluid (urine, blood, saliva or wound-fluids) or the cells on the open wounds. The samples are tested for the presence of the STD-causing organism. Some of the STD-causing organisms are observable under a microscope whereas others must be detected through laboratory cultures or DNA testing.

Common STDs and Common STD Symptoms

Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C, HIV/ AIDS, gonorrhea, Human Papillomavirus (HPV), crabs/ pubic lice, chlamydia, and genital herpes comprise the most common sexually transmitted diseases. Whereas some of these STDs do not display any symptoms during the first few days, weeks, or months, other STDs exhibit different symptoms within the first few days of infection. Common STD symptoms to look out for comprise: lesions (painful or painless), itching on the genitals, changed color of the genital area, abnormal discharge (colour, viscosity, and smell), itchy body rash, non-itchy palm/ sole rash, fever, joint pain, stomach cramps, painful intercourse, hair loss, white patches, and headaches among other symptoms. Consult a health practitioner if you experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms.


STDs can cause mild discomfort or deadly damage to the body and the brain of the infected person. Testing of the STDs using the best STD test Kit 2018, is the only way a person can know whether he/ she has an STD or not. Early diagnosis and treatment can save a person’s life. Treatment for STD may be dispensed in the form of tablet medication, intravenous injections, smear creams/ solutions, and or surgery.

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