Welcome to the Online World of MHHS.net

Hi! Welcome to MHHS.net, our very own, virtual world. Because we spend so much time online, doing research and writing and editing, it sometimes feels as though it really is a world of its own. For those of us whose daily tasks revolve around the internet and websites, it seems second nature to search and find the things that we are looking for.

With that said, we are very cognizant about the fact that there are many, many more people for whom the internet and searching for information can be a daunting task. That is why we are designing this site to be as simple as possible. If you are searching for a specific topic that we’ll be sharing with our readers, it shouldn’t be rocket science for you to find it.

Please make use of our search tools, categories, and posts – all of which we plan to make clear and easy to find. We have a lot of content coming your way, so we’ll see you soon!